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Oct. 31, 2014 - 6:28 - Dr. Abdul Qayum on his effort to rebuild schools despite terror threat

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Afghan Rural Schools

Dear Reader,
Afghan Rural Schools is a non-profit 501c3 organization supporting three rural schools, one for girls and two for boys, in Khas Kunar, Kunar, Afghanistan.  ARS has already provided electricity to the three schools and office of the Director of Education in the district. Our next project is to build ten classrooms at the High School for Girls in the district to solve the problem of over crowded classrooms. 
A few years ago, I looked back in the rear view mirror of my life and realized how much my own life had changed for the better as a result of receiving three USAID scholarships which had enabled me to get out of Afghanistan and follow the dreams of my life. I have studied at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, and later at Teachers College, Columbia University, where I earned my Ed. D. in Educational Testing and Evaluation. It changed my own life and, in addition, the life of my family here in the USA and back in Afghanistan. A couple of years ago, I thought about helping those less fortunate left back in my childhood community in Afghanistan and established this organization. I have donated all the proceeds from the sales of my book entitled, One Life: An Afghan Remembers, to my organization. My book will be featured at three international book fairs organized by Readers Magnet and one national book exhibit organized by American Association of School Librarians, until the end of this year. Please, join me and make a tax-exempt donation to change the lives of female students in rural Afghanistan. Our EIN is 46-3424470.
Due to Khas Kunar's proximity to the border with Pakistan, the security situation there seems to be too challenging for international donors to support projects like ours. However,  we are in direct contact with the local community and obtain information about  school needs from village chiefs, school administrators and government officials. We also save considerable amount of money by buying material directly from the local market and hiring local manpower to install and maintain it.  We need support and sponsorship of the US government as well as corporations and individuals from the private market to raise money and complete our project. 
Donation can be made by credit cards and the donated money will be deposited in the special bank account for Afghan Rural Schools through Pay Pal.
We thank you for your support and look forward to hearing from you.
Abdul Qayum Safi, Ed. D., President
Afghan Rural Schools