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Afghan Rural Schools is dedicated to helping village school children obtain the tools needed for successful learning.

The district of Khas Kunar is located on the east side of Kunar River about an hour's drive from Jalalabad, the main city in East Afghanistan.

In December 2013, Safi sent $ 12,000 from his private accont to Abdul Wadood, with instructions to spend it on something the schools needed urgently. Wadood, a retired military officer and a very wise and disciplined man, went to the district and met with several village chiefs. They then met with the district governor. It was determined that at the top of their priority list was providing reliable electricity to the three schools in the district. We had sufficient monies to purchase solar panels for the girls’ school and the director’s office where the local teachers would regularly be meeting. Safi sent more money, $ 12,000, in February 2015, to provide the other three schools, a boys' high school and a boys' middle school with solar powered electricity too. Our next project is to establish a computer training center in a central location accessible to all the three schools.

My wife of 39 years, Anna, a reading specialist and a fellow graduate of Teachers College, Columbia University, assists with the organization with advocacy and technical assistance.

Her background in education, linguistics and instructional technology provides invaluable service as a writer, proofreader, and all round IT support. She developed the slide show which we presented at the 2013 Virginia Library Association Conference and Book Exhibit 2013 at Williamsburg, VA, September 2013.

Afghan Rural Schools is dedicated to

creating an environment conducive to learning for both boys and girls.

Afghan Rural Schools is dedicated to providing safe and welcoming classrooms for village children.

Our Wish List     

Simple Computing Technology

to begin to develop our

small learning center ,

provide Clean Drinking Water,

and Materials to build

sanitary facilities.

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